About Us

Hello from the Coast of Santa Barbara. We are excited you found us.

We started Santa Barbara Happy Pickleball & Beach apparel brand in 2023, after relocating to the beach from the snow during the pandemic, with a vision for bringing a little dose of sunshine and positive energy to our everyday life, no matter what life was handing us. 

We had the vision to create a brand centered around our love for  our newly found addiction, pickleball, and hours with our family at the beach, and all things related to living by the ocean.  We want to offer a feeling of happiness and positivity when you wear our brand. 

Our brand signifies a time in our life where we were living in Colorado, where 3 of our kids attended college and one in elementary, and while we experienced beautiful seasons, all of life went online, and indoor time had a new meaning.

We dreamed of the beach often and took a trip with our family of 6 to Santa Barbara, to have a college graduation on the beach as graduation was online.  Shortly after this fateful trip, we made a plan to relocate to Santa Barbara.  What seemed the impossible dream, became a reality.   Now I will not say it was easy packing 2 giant van lines, relocating our jobs, and starting a new life in a new community with our youngest, but the last year and a half proved to be the best thing we could ask for.  

Wherever you are reading this, we hope to put a smile on your face and the fire in you to seek adventure, follow your dreams, and trust the process.  We hope our brand makes you feel good wherever you are, and maybe even brings you a bit closer to the ocean on any given day.   

With happiness and love - Santa Barbara Happy Family